Greek Shipping Miracle - The virtual museum to be launched on july 11th, 2014

We greeks, don't always know the importance of the shipping in our traditions and our economy.
Do we know that 4719 ships were built for greek shipwners from 1948 to 2013? This is on average, one ship every 5 days, over 65 years.This is a fact, that the 12 millions of greeks living abroad (but also the 11 millions living in Greece ) probably don't know.
It was time to create this virtual museum.Of course i dont agree with the title.But this is not very important.The shipping is not a miracle for our people.It was, it is, and it will always be (in common with the international trade ) the main economic activity of our country, a country absolutely linked with the sea.
But in these difficult times, i hope that the creation of this virtual museum, will not just have an educational aspect.It will also remind especially to our youth, that a prosperous economy is possible for our country.We have to fix all the problems created in our economy since we joined the EU.These problems have not been created by the EU but mainly by our political staff.So, we have to create a new political system, and base our economy on our values, traditions and capabilities.

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