the greek contribution to world shipbuilding

Over the past 140 years,the greeks had 5018 ocean-going ships of various types built for their account.
299 ships were built from 1873 to 1942.This is on average, one ship every 84 days over 69 years.
4719 ships were built from 1948 to 2013.This is on average one ship every 5 days, over 65 years.
Of these ships,less than 100 were built in Greece.The remain constitute the timeless contribution of greek entrepeneurs to the world shipbuilding industry and to the economy of many countries.
During the first 13 years of the 21st century, greek ship owners have taken delivery of 2294 ships mainly from shipyards in China,Japan and South Korea
Today, the newbuilding orders from greek shipowners are in excess of 500 ocean-going ships.
source - www.greekshippingmiracle.org

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